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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hint for making sure your breath is Mistle Toe ready

With all the holiday parties and the mistle toe around every corner I am sure that you will want to have the perfect smelling breath in case of a sneak attack.

  • Brush your teeth and tongue. Brushing your tongue helps you get rid of that odor causeing bacteria. If you have no time to brush then mouthwash and sugar free gum are the second best choice. A great organic idea is to chew on a couple pieces of fresh mint leaves.
  • Stale breath is also a culprit that seems to sneak in we all have that end of the day sitting in hot air exprience that does not make our mouth feels dried out and our breath does not smell the best. The reason our mouth is so dry to start with is because dehydration has moved in. To avoid this be sure to drink plenty of water. A great treat that is also a bit holiday style is to enjoy a cup of peppermint tea spiked with a bit of cinnamon
  • This last tip I will share is one that you may not find as favorable. If you ask any elderly adult how to make their breath smell better they may answer swish with hydrogen peroxide. The best part is that a quick swish with hydrogen peroxide will do wonders for your breath knocking out the microbial bad breath and is very cheap cure as well.

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