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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ah Goo Baby plush pad review and discount

Ah Goo Baby is a company started by a set of parents Karen and George Telegadis that offers moms great products that are unique, upscale, and affordable. AhGoo Baby makes a wonderful Plush Pad that is not only great for baby but very useful for the caregiver as well.
The AhGoo Baby Plush Changing Pad has many great uses. For example leave it open for weeks at a time while you are on vacation to use as a changing station in a hotel room. The AhGoo pad also works great for a changing station at home where you can have everything at the ready. Give a AhGoo Baby Plush Changing Pad to the grandparents to keep at their home so they to will be ready. I love to tote around with us on walks so we can stop and change the baby whenever we need to by using the pad it allows the child a comfy place and clean one as well. Likewise tote it around in the car and you will be ready if you are out and about and the lil one needs a change.

I adore the AhGoo plush pad because it is the only portable station that is as comfortable as the changing stations in the nursery. The AhGoo plush pad is a soothing memory foam cushion that allows the baby to relax while being changed. Forget about having problems changing little ones with the AhGoo Baby Plush Pad will be much easier. Taking care of the AhGoo Plush Pad is easy as well. The pad is washable and water repellent and can be cleaned simply by removing the memory foam and washing the cover just like a pillow slip. The AhGoo Baby plush pad fits easily into the diaper bag or suitcase for easy storage and transportation.

Buy: you can purchase the AhGoo Baby plush pad by visiting the AhGoo Baby website located at and for a short time you can use the code SA0107 for 10%. This code expires January 7, 2009

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