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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tiger Woods and the Image your Children see

As a mother of teens I am always reminding them about their behavior and what it tells other people. I know that the younger kids in the home often follow the behaviors of the older ones. Likewise the behavior of my children reflects on the parents as much as it does them. I often wonder what the actions of Super Stars show our children. What exactly did Tiger Woods tell our children through his behavior? I do not agree with all the cheating, lies and bad behaviors that Tiger demonstrated as of recently. I believe he himself does not agree with all of them. I wonder if he thought it would all stay hidden that no one would ever find out. At least I think he wishes it was that way. I have talked to my teens as behaviors such as these go against my morals but what about theirs? Have you talked to your children? Will you?

What do you think?

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  1. I'm a freshman in college and in one of my classes a month or so ago we were talking about rolemodels. The professor asked us if anyone of us currently look up to anyone who is famous. Nobody rose their hand. He asked if any of us could remember looking up to anyone famous in the past. Even then, onyl 2 or 3 people rose their hands.

    I thought that was interesting. I myself can't remember ever consciously looking up to or wanting to be like anyone famous, but I've never been real into tv. I would have guessed that more people would have admitted to looking up to someone famous. Perhaps some kids held back the truth? But I think it's kind of a scary thing, when you think about how much information even very young children are exposed to with the amount of technology we have today. SO many of the current people on tv are NOT people who act morally.

    also on this - I heard on the radio a few weeks ago, that someone was interviewing Rhianna. and even though she is now looking at the situation more logically and seems to be doing better - when asked why she had origionally went back to chris after being beaten so badly she said something along the lines of 'well i loved him and i didn't think it would happen again. and people tell me that i shouldn't have done that becuase i'm a role model. but what's up with that? i'm a singer, I never signed up to be ANYONES role model. thats just not fair'

    & I think that's a really scary thing, that she haddn't previously realized that it's a packaged deal.

    I dunno. very interesting topic. sorry I rambled so much! hehe.


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