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Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Fragments

This week has been a bit of roller coaster with the ups and downs of life many of my regular readers know that I have been missing many memes in the past six weeks and alot of that has to do with my 2 lil house guest that had been staying with us. This past Wednesday they went home to stay with their parents. I miss them and still I want them to make it a goal if they can with their family.

My grandbaby Princess does not take the bottle anymore but rather she has picked up another habit that I thought was gone. She has become a pacifer sucker. She continues to cut teeth so I hope that the pacifier will help her with this as well.

This week has been a happy/sad moment on one of the shows that I always watch. The Good Morning America bunch is losing one of their friends Diane Sawyer. I have been a GMA fan for several years and will miss Diane being on that show.

I was able to go to the lights parade in a near by town with my brothers family. Loved to watch the little ones reactions to the lights, bears and santa of course. Fun was had by all. What a great night to be together.

what did you do? Want to share?


  1. My daughter is 14 months old and still uses a pacifier. She doesn't so much suck on it as chew on it and play with it at night. At this rate, she'll still be using it when she goes off to college!


  2. Princess Nagger was never interested in a pacifier - though I wish she had been instead of sucking her thumb, because she just turned 7 and will still suck her thumb when she's really tired or feeling insecure. It's not like I can take her thumb away from her to break the habit... :)

    I told Princess Nagger today we'll have to find out where the best Christmas Lights are in the area to go check them out one night - I love looking at lights and I know she would too! :)

    Happy FF! :)

  3. Kids are some of the best parts of Christmas, aren't they? If only we all believed in the magic :)

    We had our time with Nuks, and they served us well.

    Diane Sawyer is a class act; she'll be missed.

    Here's hoping you see your house guests again, for a social visit :)


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