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Monday, December 7, 2009

5 Tips for Getting Your Child To Sleep

Twitter Moms and St. Eve Kids have teamed up to ask bloggers to share the top 5 ways to get kids to sleep.

  1. Routine: I believe that a routine bedtime procedure is needed so that all goes off easily perhaps bath time, story time then bed time

  2. Stay determined: my daughter has a 15 month old that she places in her crib for a period of time to go to sleep by herself. Because Princess knows that it is bedtime and it expected she will go to sleep. This was not always easy in the beginning there was a lot of frustration and a bit of tears out of both of them

  3. reading a stoy to your child was the way that I always put my children to sleep. After thier bath and a bit of quiet time I would sit in a chair by their bed read to them and they would eventually go to sleep

  4. quiet time before bedtime. This I believe is very important because it helps your child to unwind and get ready for bed.

  5. no t.v. while some people allow their child to watch Tv while they fall asleep I believe that it should be quiet with no T.V.

those are my 5 tips. What are yours?

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