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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My thoughts about Autumn

The thoughts of this week are running rampant as it is so busy this week. Life seems to be like that at times. This is the first day of autumn all though the leaves around me have not turned colors I really can not wait. I love the beautiful leaves and since I live at the heart of the Shawnee forest I love to take a ride looking at all the pretty colors.
many suffering from allergies including my granddaughter Princess. She is totally cute and when she is not feeling well I feel extremely sorry for her. They did test her for H1N1 this dreaded illness. Thank goodness that she did not test positive for it. Yesterday after being well over the illness she did get her flu shot. I am debating whether or not I want to get the flu shot this year for myself. It sometimes makes me sick right after I get it but then I do not want to be super sick either. One thing we can do is to teach our children good manners with having colds. Check out my Germy Wormy review and contest. If you have a little one that is sick there is a great new series of books that may also help your little one and your bond and feel better these books are by Dr. Hippo
Fall baking is what I love as well. Before long my brother will be calling to see when I am going to be baking his goodies. Oh I love the candy, cookies, and other delicious goodies that my family makes this time of the year. I think the cooler weather invites us into the kitchen. This year I will be using a few different cookie cutters from Sweet Shapes and cupcakes from help from Kupcake Konz.
When you think of fall what do you think of? What are some of your random thoughts? You can share any and all of your random thoughts on the blog Un Mom


  1. Oh I love fall baking!! Pies are my favorite! I love all the fruit, vegetable, and nut pies. Man I am getting hungry thinking about them.

    Glad to hear your grand-daughter is feeling better. The crud sucks!

  2. I get the flu shot ever year. Just been something I've been doing for years.

  3. I love baking in the fall too! I've already made pumpkin bread and our family's favorite no-egg chocolate cookies. Our youngest is allergic so it's changed my baking a bit. I can't wait for the leaves to start changing and for the air to get cooler. It was pretty hot and humid here today. Thanks for stopping by our blog. Glad your granddaughter doesn't have H1N1!


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