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Monday, September 21, 2009

At The Well

Stress is a thing in life that we often have to face. The At The Well series is taking a look into the situation of stress and how to conquer it. I must say that we are currently having a series of studies at church on Elijah and this subject area is very impressive.

Did you know that Elijahs life was very stressful? Well it was he often was in fear for his own life. God taught him some very useful lessons based on the premisis of God is faithful God is good. Where the need was God would find the solution to the problem. That is what we need to remember in our daily struggle of life.

Stress Busters that I use:

  • talk to friends

  • journal

  • blogging

  • taking a walk

What do you do to bust your stress? You may want to share them here

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