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Thursday, September 24, 2009



Kidorable is one of those great companies that makes everyone smile. Kidorable makes every day needed products that are creatively fun. Kidorable adds that bit of play into every item they create. So much fun in items such as bath towels, umbrellas, gloves, bookends and so many other items. Kidorable strives to create useful items with that perfect little bit of fun that everyone desires.

Because Princess daddy is a fireman her momma logically loves all fireman related objects. This super cute towel will fit right into that category. So when Kidorable allowed me to choose an item to review the fireman kids towel was the object I chose. Wherever Princess needs a super cool towel she will have it.

Kidorable was created in 1997 by a couple that wanted to create fun loving product for children. Kidorable wants to help your child's imagination grow from being a princess to a firefighter fun is all around. Kidorable employees work together to foster growth in nurturing personal and professional growth.

Kidorable is the company creating creative products with those little folks in mind. Children from age 2 to 6 will easily be pleased. Kidorable also makes some products that may make those just a bit older happy as well. Safety is always on the mind of the makers of Kidorable products as well. Employing a full time team of quality control experts helps to assure that all Kidorable factories meet high standards. Test for lead, phthalates and other toxic substances are ran on a constant basis ensuring that all Kidorable products meet or exceed all safety standards.

You can purchase Kidorable products on line from their website or from a store near you. To find a store near you follow this link


  1. Oh you have a great website!! Love your blog! Thanks for all the tips and tricks and fun stuff. Im in heaven reading all your posts! :)

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  2. oh my goodness that fireman towel is adorable. I bet your daugter loves it!! Thanks for sharing this great site.


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