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Monday, September 21, 2009

Not Me Monday

I am not the type of mom who would brag about her children and how well they are doing. No that would not be me. I would not be very excited that my son was part of the young leaders impact program this past weekend. I am not excited that this program should give him lots of experience. After all I am not that type of mom.

I am not the type of sister when my brother and sister in law were arguing last night that I simply told my sister in law that they just needed to calm down. No it is not me who is not a drama queen and wishes all would remain without drama. It was not after I gave this amazing advice that they were better talking and getting along. After all that is not me.

It was not me that helped at the high school lunch at church. I was not totally in charge of the fryer and the cheese sticks that the teens loved. No not me after all I do not have lots of practice raising 6 teens myself. I was not pleased with 43 teens attending the lunch. Praise God is all that I have to say for 30 minutes on Monday for lunch they eat delicious food and listen to devotions of other teens.

Well what has been going on with you this past week. Or better yet what did you do that you did not do? Head over to My Charming Kids blog and MckMama to join in

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  1. Excellent once again my friend. I like the second one the best :) Aloha


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