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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

works for me wednesday prom edition

Each year our family has a budget that we must live by. There are things such as birthdays, holidays, school functions and the sort that must be budgeted in and then that budget must be kept. This year I became a bit worried when 2 of my teens decided they would be attending prom this year. We have did terrific so far though and here are the cost breakdown

$400 Prom Budget (total)

dress $55 (great find, buy and looks great as well)

flowers $25 (local florist friend of mine I am so happy these will look great)

shoes $50 (they each are getting a new pair and we are doing great)

hair/nails $30 (friend of mind again and man am I happy)

prom ticket $40 (he had to have one she did not)

eating out $30 (bought certificate and this was at a great price)

we only need his outfit and we have $170 to do that in I am so happy that we are doing so well. He choose not to rent a tux or this would have paid for that and had some left instead he is going with sports coat and cool looking outfit

What do you think have any ideas you want to share? I can use all the tips I can get my hands on

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  1. So glad you stopped by today! Great job on sticking with a budget for did very well! We found my daugher's dress at a local consignment's really pretty! Still have much to do!

  2. I'm going through the same thing right now. Luckily, my daughter has a job :)

    thanks for stopping by my site today!

  3. I got all my dresses on clearance (jewelry and shoes as well).

    Great budget!

  4. What a great job of staying on budget! It's always such a good idea to have a set number in mind when planning these things.


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