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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

To Do Tuesday

I am participating in the To Do Tuesday. I believe that it may help me keep track of what I have to do.

Here is my to do list:

eat lunch with my mom I need to start calling her daily so this week challenge is to call my mom 1 time a day and talk at least 15 minutes. She loves to talk but with my busy life sometimes I forget

send the needed papers to my sons college this must be done this week

finish up Prom for the kids this is almost done but I will truly be glad when it is done

straighten up kitchen cabinets I need to do this since I have not done it for a while

laundry 3 loads a day wash, dry, fold and put away

rearrange boys room they can not stand it and neither can I it must be rearranged

devotion and quite time at least 30 minutes a day

This is my first time in participating and you can participate as well head over to the blog Crazy Adventures in Parenting and get going or just see what others are doing here


  1. I need a list like this. I have all kinds of things to do, but I forget because they are not written down!
    Hope you get everything accomplished!

  2. Pam, you should join us! It helps immensely!

    Great list!! I'm so happy you're joining us! :) You can do it, I'll be back to check on you, too ;)

  3. How'd you do Annie? :) Ready for another week's list? :)


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