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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Plum Organics Baby and Kid Food Review

This little girl sitting in the highchair is who my family caters to. So when it comes to what to feed her we would choose nothing but the best for her. The Plum Organics baby food line fits right into that category of being the best for my little princess.

Plum Organics was designed by a mom for her precious bundle of joy. She wanted to offer her child the most nutritious and freshest food she could find. Because of the care that she placed in the food she created he loved meal time. That is what I want for our little gal as well. I want her to enjoy different foods that are offered to her but I want those foods to be both nutritious and great tasting for her.

Plum organics is available for your baby in 3 different stages. These stages include beginning stage around 6 months where your little one is in the yum stage and the food is smooth for the child to learn solids but so tasty with sweet potatoes and apples and pears being on the list. Following stage allows your child to grow their taste buds a bit more and offers a chance a bit more for their pallet. Foods in the second stage include dinners such as pasta with veggies and chicken. Delicious. The third stage of the Plum Organics baby food is a stage where they have all ready tasted great food and want to scream out gimme! LOL. Foods in this stage include delicacies like black bean ragout. The gourmet taste that will lead to great eating in the future.

Plum Organics does not stop at baby food they continue traveling with your child through the early years. Kids meals which consist of entrees and a veggie on the side are kid friendly connections and include meals such as Italian sausage marinara. Each box has a fun back that allows the kids to continue on the fun path with games and designs.

These special meals remind me of the olden days when the women would prepare the child special meals that would help continue on to a path of great eating. I was one of those mothers with the baby food meal and would use our food to create into a loving enough puree for the baby and young child that I loved and nurtured. The ingredients that go into the Plum Organics foods are as great as those that I would have chosen to go into the food I prepared at home. Plum Organics use great ingredients from pesticide free source ingredients that come right off the farm. If you have ever tasted the difference between organic farm vegetables and those out of the hot house factories you know there is a difference. Why not offer your child the taste that you would prefer. Organically grown meat is also used within the Plum Organic recipes that are created for your little sweetie. Organically grown food not only taste great but is better nutritionally for your child.

The Plum Organic website offers answers to the questions even the toughest mommy would ask. These great recipes are terrific, the ingredients that go into the Plum Organic products are great and the information provided on the Plum Organic website is the best information around. Just go check it and see what you think. Plum Organics offer tips from when and what to feed your baby to information that you may ask about the ingredients or how it is packaged. Any great mommy will ask tons of questions about products and I love the fact that Plum Organics offers the great answers.

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