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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Germy Wormy Review


Years ago when a child acted as if they had a cold they would be placed in bed and chicken noodle soup would be served to them while the doctor was called. Now the average child will attend a daycare center or school while suffering from a cold because for one reason or another their parents are working, going to school or believe that attending is good for them. Even if your child does not attend an outside center the truth is we no longer keep our children in bed because they have a cold. While they go about their day sniffling and playing with their toys they are spreading germs so other siblings or playmates can pick those germs up and be sniffling their selves. How about that for sharing. Don't think it is a good idea then maybe you should check out the Germy Wormy kit.

The Germy Wormy kit was created by a mother of preschoolers who was tired of getting sick because of her children passing germs to her. Both Pediatricians and the CDC recommend coughing into your elbow to prevent spreading of cold germs. While attempting to teach her children the concept of coughing or sneezing into the elbow she noticed there were two problems. (1) her children had difficult with the concept of using their elbows and (2) the child's shirt would get dirty. Thus she created a kit that would both help the young child to understand this simple yet complex trick of sneezing or coughing into the elbow and it would keep the shirt clean.

The Germy Wormy kit consist of a DVD which allows the child to watch as puppets use teach the concept of the germy wormy in a fun yet teachable manner. A disposable Germy Wormy sleeve is part of the kit as well. The sleeve is easy to use and slides on quite easy. The child is taught that the Germy Wormy loves to eat germs so they must feed it by sneezing or coughing into the sleeve which is located on their elbow. The healthy habit that the CDC recommends is being followed yet the child is having fun feeding the germy wormy. The habit becomes a learned habit and the child soon learns that as a sneeze or cough comes on that they should bring their elbow up. The best part is that the sleeve is disposable.

A great exercise and supplies for the teacher or parent to do with the child is included in the kit as well. To me this is a great chance to discuss with the child about the Germy Wormy and have fun at the same time.

The next time you see your child begin to sneeze think of the Germy Wormy kit. Better yet perhaps you would should try it before the cold germs attack and instead allow the Germy Wormy to eat those germs.

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