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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Giggle Bib Review

Little ones learning to eat is a very special time for both mommy and baby. But the mess that is sometimes left behind is sometimes more than one wants to deal with. But what if there was a bit of fun you could add into the feeding dilemma? Giggle Bibs are trying to do just that. Giggle Bibs are like no other that I have ever seen they are truly as their slogan says fun, funky and unique.

Giggle Bibs contain the love that goes into handmade products because each and everyone is mad by hand. It is always those special little touches that are noticed by the time taken to create a handmade product and Giggle Bibs host those specialties as well. Perhaps the fun or the funky and certainly the unique comes in when you take a look at what the great Giggle Bibs are made up of. Giggle Bibs are vinyl bibs they are not like the plastic bibs that I have seen before these are actually vinyl, easy to clean up and has the construction that is not too thick and heavy but not thin enough to rip either. I believe these bibs are created to last and are so easy to clean up.
One thing that I used to hate about baby bibs was the tie closures that were in the back and tied directly under the babies neck. The Giggle Bibs have no tie closures and instead have Velcro that is so much easier to use. The Velcro on these bibs are placed on sturdy as not to wear out. Since the bibs are vinyl there is never no need to throw the bib in the wash the Velcro should stay great the life of the product. Another great feature of the bib that I loved was the great size of the bib. Not a short one that only covers the direct area under the babies mouth but large enough to cover the chest area of most babies and even over hanged a bit on ours. Thus the clothes that the little one is wearing will stay safe and secure in my opinion making this the bib to take to all the dress up restaurants the little one must attend. Don't worry about the food that may be dropped as the pocket located directly on the bottom of the bib will catch most of these as well.
The Giggle Bib comes in a large variety of colors and patterns. I am sure one will tickle your fancy. You can go here to see if a location near you sells the great Giggle Bib. You may also order online at their website here

1 comment:

  1. Oh how cute!! Giggle bib, with a name like that, it is going to be fun~
    I like that they are NOT PLASTIC! YAY!

    And YEAH FOR VELCRO!!! These are going to just wipe Clean! I'm going to keep my eyes open for the Giggle Bib!!! What a Fun name!!
    Another GREAT Review from Annies HOME!!!!


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