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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Baby Burp Blocker Burp Cloths Review

Oh those little messes that happen when burping the baby. How the tiniest babies can make the biggest messes is truly beyond my comprehension. I only know that when burping a baby you need something great to throw over your shoulder. The only problem is what if you are doing something else while feeding your little one or the baby seems to move around a lot? Most moms with more than one child have at one time or another felt this problem. The Burpie Blocker is attempting to solve this problem.

The Burpie Blocker is soft and quilted so it is great for both mom and baby. The burpie blocker was created by a mom with a newborn baby who needed to stay clean while burping the baby but hated as the burp cloth would move about. She designed a great soft quilted burp cloth with a neck strap so that the burp cloth would stay placed while using both hands to burp the baby.
In addition to the great burpie blocker burp cloths they also sell blanket and BurpieBlocker burp cloth sets. These are cute and would make a great present for your child, grandchild or a special baby shower gift.

We received the beautiful yellow BurpieBlocker Burp Cloth and were really delighted. We all know that if giving a baby shower gift before the sex is known yellow is the color to go with. This great yellow color is also great for boys or girls. The quilted softness has no comparison and is like throwing a small baby quilt over your shoulder.

If you are looking for that perfect gift for a baby or baby shower gift then think about the great gift of the BurpieBlocker Baby Burp Cloths. Someone will thank you and you will love the great love placed in every BurpieBlocker. You can order online from the BurpieBlocker site or go here and you can find some other great places to order.


  1. One of my friends just had a baby. I'll have to let her know about these. How handy!

  2. Oh these are Adorable!!! I remember back in the day, we just used a cloth diaper! But the Baby Burp Blocker is so much cuter!!!
    Another great Review and I have something else to add to my list of "must haves!!!!"


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