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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday 9

1. There are several religious holidays going on this weekend. Any plans?
2. Do you look forward to holiday events or do they stress you out?
3. Do you have any traditional meals that you will eat?
4. We are changing seasons. What are you looking forward to?
5. Around here it is turning to spring. What signals spring to you?
6. What is your favorite season and why?
7. Do you have a favorite food when dining out?
8. What is your favorite beverage when out?
9. When is your next big night out?

  1. Yes we have lots of plan as we celebrate Easter. We will attend church, have a dinner as well as lots of fun for the little ones
  2. I look forward to them now. I love to celebrate I used to get stressed out but now I take life easier
  3. Yes our large Easter dinner with ham and all the fixings
  4. warmer weather
  5. God's wonderful coloring book changing colors
  6. fall I would say I love the colors, the smells, and after summer always ready for cooler weather
  7. depends on where we are eating
  8. diet cola
  9. not for sure but thinking it will be in May either mothers day or graduation we do not do alot of going out most celebrations at home

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  1. I love ham at Easter. Great job here! Have a terrific holiday...

  2. I do love Easter too! I am coloring eggs tonight.
    I love Easter because of what it Represents! I LOVE to say I serve a Risen Savior NOT a Risen bunny!

    But I do understand that People love the whole Basket and chocolate thing.. it is fun!!


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