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Friday, April 10, 2009

Grilling Goodness

1.What's one of the best things you've seen lately?

The True Love Waits ceremony where 20+ teens took the vow to not have sex til marriage was wonderful, The Dare to Share event was great as well where there was 8000+ in attendance

2. Has Spring brought you something you don't like?

allergies and spring colds

3. What kind of sandwiches do you like?

we eat all sorts of sandwiches here

4. Do you carry GermX with you at all times?

not me but daughter does

5. Does each person in your house have their own hamper or do you have a central hamper for everyone?

each bedroom and the bathroom has a hamper

6. How often do you balance your checkbook?

1 time a week, try to do it as I am writing checks

7. What's the hardest thing you've done lately?

had an argument with my brother and tried to continue to show my love for him

8. Are you a texter

sometimes, have family members who only text
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  1. I am surprised that i haven't found your blog before. thanks for leaving a comment.

  2. That's great that they are still doing True Love Waits! I wish more churches would.

  3. I forgot to mention that it is HOT. We have HOT and HOTTER sometimes HOTTEST (last summer was HOTTEST(115+)).

    HATE IT!


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