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Thursday, April 9, 2009

one thing that has always worried me is whether or not the little ones would stay covered up while sleeping. I would always wrap them up extra warm placing warm PJ's on them and then covering them up with lots of blankets because I knew during the night the covers would more than likely be shed. Perhaps that is the reason that I love the Baby In A Bag product. The Baby In A Bag is a sleeping bag created for the baby of the bunch.

Perhaps you are wondering why you should buy a sleep sack when you have blankets available? Well let me share a few reasons with you. First it will keep your baby covered and warm all night allowing you to rest easy knowing that they are covered up well ensuring a good night sleep for both the baby and the parents. Second, because of the scare of SIDS involving loose covers this fear will be cut down as well. The sleep sacks are also very soft being made of 100% cotton.

There are four great styles of Baby In a Bag Sleep Sacks available each with their own desires:

The great summer model sleep sack which is lightweight and allows your baby a snuggle without the sweat. It is specially designed for warmer seasonal weather or you may want to use it year round in the warmer nurseries or for babies who are naturally "warm". My granddaughter has the tendency to be over warmed easily and sweats quite a bit. This type of Baby In A Bag sleep sack would have been perfect for her. The great features of this baby in a bag sleep sack are the double lining with adjustable armholes for better fit and the 100% cotton shell with a soft jersey lining.

The Baby In a Bag winter style is an European style sleeping bag with plush filling. This style is great is created to add extra warmth for the colder winter months, for draftier nurseries or for those little ones who run a bit colder.

The pampered minky style sleep sack which is the one that we received and oh how we love it. Our little one has no objection to the softness that this great Baby sleeping bag offers. This is the style that celebrities and media refer to the most. The added feature of softness, warmth, and great pampered feeling gives the minky style a look that is desirable.

The Baby In a Bag Pampered Sack Royal Silk allows this Baby Sleeping Bag to drape your baby in luxurious silk This great style will open and lay flat allowing for ease in diaper changing. Great for the littlest ones among us.

To order your choice of Baby In A Bag visit their website here

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