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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hip-T Review

Today's modern styles often leave us with effects that we do not desire. The hip-T will help you keep your modesty while wearing the stylish looks. You can keep your valuable assets covered where not all will be able to view the valuables. Modesty is the right of every woman and the hip-T will allow us to fight for this right.

The hip-T is exactly what it sounds like it is a tee shirt material that will help you to keep your hips covered. It will not allow the view of anything that you wish not to show. It lays softly and gently on your skin under your favorite tee and keeps the gap between the tee and and jeans from elapsing. You can wear the hip-T with jeans, shorts or a skirt. One of the main reasons that I love the hip-T is because my daughter no longer needs to worry about what is showing behind her. After a hard delivery my daughter was left with scars which is quite a challenge and leaves her wearing her jeans a bit lower so as not to lay over the c section scar in the middle of her belly. The problem was those behind her would get an unintentional flash. With the hip-T this problem has been resolved and the modesty is restored.

If you want to feel this freedom as well then you can find a store that sells the hip-T here or order a great hip-T in your choice of 19 different styles from the hip-T website here

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  1. So funny to see this because I have gotten into a habit of doing this little layering bit. I like wearing two different color tanks with one hanging out under the other. Good idea.

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