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Thursday, April 2, 2009

K C Fuzzy Review

K. C. Fuzzy
K. C. Fuzzy designs are created using illustrations that seem to come right out of nature. The four great designs that K. C. Fuzzy illustrations place on onesies are

Katie Covington, illustrator of the KC Fuzzy onesies. The baby animals illustrated so graciously on the onesies bring about a realism placing us right back into the naturalistic environment. Katie tries to capture the emotional qualities of the animals (joy, curiosity, innocence, and amusement) Just like our little ones that we love have personalities of their own the animals on the clothing show personality as well. The great KC Fuzzy onesies come in 3m, 6m, and 12 m
Buy: You can buy these great KC Fuzzy Onesies straight from the website located here

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  1. Oh how precious are these??? I love when baby clothes really look like baby clothes!! Adorable!!



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