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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Miracle Blanket Review

As a young mother I had very little idea of what it would mean to be a mommy. Although I thought I had it all planned out someone should of warned me. My little baby suffered from colic which made the event even more traumatic. I only wish that I had the miracle blanket when I needed it with my first baby.

Some of the best reasons you should try a Miracle Blanket for your little one are:

  • The Miracle Blanket helps stop Colic (Guaranteed)

  • The Miracle Blanket helps fussy babies to sleep better (great for baby and parents)

  • The Miracle Blanket helps ease fussiness for any baby (once again great for baby and parents)

  • The Miracle Blanket helps contain baby hands so that accidental face scratches are eliminated. I know that with my grand baby those sharp little nails would cut her precious little face whenever she would flap them around

  • The Miracle Blankets are soft and comfortable because they are made up of 100% high quality cotton

  • Miracle Blanket helps babies to sleep on their backs which is great because it is the safest way to avoid SIDS

  • Miracle Blankets are great for breast feeding because you no longer have to control little hands while teaching the little one to feed

  • The miracle Blanket fits all babies to 4 months

No need to worry about the Miracle Blanket wearing out or growing worn because it has a 100% guarantee. There are no No Knots, Buttons, Straps, Velcro,Snaps, Zippers or other closures located on the Miracle Blanket.

For years we have known that swaddling a baby is the best for the little ones. The Miracle Blanket has been recommended to new moms by several great pediatricians. Swaddling an infant allows the infant to feel secure which in turns allows them to sleep for longer periods of time without being fussy. Then the reason would be why do many still not swaddle? I know for me it was keeping that blanket in a correct manner to hold the infant but my granddaughter was nearly 10 lbs when born and receiving blankets did not wrap around her for long. For all the reasons not to there is a great idea why we should it is the Miracle Blanket. The Miracle Blanket is developed to easily swaddle your little baby. What could be better? So whether you are expecting a bundle of joy , know someone who is, or need a great baby shower gift the Miracle Blanket is a wonderful thing to have.

Buy: There are many stores located in the U.S. which carry the Miracle Blanket and you can use the great store finder on their website here to locate a store near you. You can also order the Miracle Blanket online from their website here.


  1. I was just thinking of this blanket, but couldn't remember what it was called. Our second child had terrible colic for months. I was thinking about getting one of these blankets just in case for the new baby, but couldn't remember the name! Thanks for posting!

  2. I am a pediatric/ neonatal nurse and this is a GREAT blanket!! I just love this and I really want one for someone I know who is having a baby! GREAT Review and I know that swaddling a baby really does work. This Blanket just makes it sooo EASY PEASY!!!!

  3. great review...I've not tried it but I believe it kids LOVED to be swaddled :)

  4. I think swaddling is a HUGE benefit for Mom and baby!

    There are great options out there.
    I got mine from


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