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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This week I have a grateful heart for the family that I have. I am so glad that I have teens who are willing to give up their weekend to attend a christian youth convention. I am also glad that there are Christian Conventions that draw in the attention of these young people. These great people who give up their time to teach the young people (a total of 8,500). Thank You Lord for putting the love of youth on the hearts of Adults that can use their talents and experiences to touch the hearts of the young.
I am also thankful for my husband who stayed at home to take care of the home front. My granddaughter came down sick and he took over the grandmother duties. I am so glad that I met and married a man like him.
The greatness of all that surrounds me is enormous and my heart is very grateful. Very grateful for the people I meet in real life as well as those I know through blogging. Thank God that my life has been touched by so many great people
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  1. what wonderful things to be grateful for! Isn't it great to see Teens blessing people with Gods love!!!
    And what a wonderful man you have!!!


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