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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Eve Organics Review

Eve organics is a company that is striving to provide the finest in organic skin care and mineral makeup. Eve Organics select the ingredients for their products gracefully and representational so as not to use ingredients for the sole purpose for improving the look or texture of the product. There are so many companies that appeal to the consumers by its appearance in the package. Eve Organics would rather appeal to the consumer through its use. Eve Organics demonstrates more care through its mission statement which states:
From the website:
. Educate about the lack of regulation in the cosmetic industry by making harmful ingredient information available to our customers and disclosing all ingredients in our products on our labels and on our website;
2. Avoid toxic ingredients in our products such as: dyes, lakes, synthetic fragrance, bismuth oxychloride, talc, parabens, sulfates, UREA, and others. To learn more, please visit our
Informative Links section of the website.
3. Rejuvenate damaged skin, while protecting it from the sun and environmental irritants.
4. Give back to the community. Every quarter, Eve Organics will give 10% of its net profits to a different charity to help support people or communities in need. The organizations we choose to support we believe will use the money directly for its cause, not to pay its administrators
Eve Organics sell cleaners for that super natural feeling clean, treat and tone products that leave your skin clean and fresh while adjusting the PH formula of your skin, moisturizes that are packed full of vitamins which renews your skin so that it feels great, Eve Organics also caters to your body through body butters for that all over great feeling, and to top it all off Eve Organics offers mineral makeup which allows you to have that radiant beauty as well as the brushes that allow you to apply such beauty.
Eve Organics caters to those with acne and oily skin as well. There are many women who go through that oily skin acne late in life and Eve Organics is there to help. For those ladies who suffer from hormonal irregulations that affect the skin Eve Organics can help here as well by offering special products just for you. I personally suffer from severe dry skin because of a medical condition but Eve Organics has not forsaken me as they offer product for dry skin sufferers as well. To top it all of the great Eve Organics company offers you information on all the ingredients on a web page found here
Next time you need to resupply your beauty items remember Eve Organics for the best products available.


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