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Monday, April 20, 2009

At the Well

It is Monday again so that means we are Gathering at the well. I love this meme because we get to share our inner most thoughts at times and share others at other times. Today the topic is on raising children with our whole heart and this is something that has been riding on me as of late. I found a verse that seems to simply the pride in being a mother to me. It is when Mary was raising Jesus and how things in his life changed

Luke 2:51-52: “…and His Mother treasured all these things in Her heart. And Jesus kept increasing in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.”

Early in life my heart was turned toward my children and I loved them with my whole heart as I do now. They went where I did, did what I did and we were attached at the hip. When my father passed away and then my grandmother I sort of went in another direction. I thought I needed to do things my self so I worked 40+ hours a week attended class 20+ hours a week and what time was left was resting or with my children. Since that time in my life is gone I look back and since a few years have passed my children begin to tell me stories of how they stopped sharing their thoughts with me. Where was I for some reason I thought I was doing the best for them but I was not. God called me to be a mother but I totally dismissed that and went in search of my own path. Now being a full time mom, my children are once again back in their proper place sharing secrets with me and allowing me to love whole hearted. The one thing that makes me the proudest is what others think about my children. I know that they are very well behaved and attend church whenever the doors are open. I truly love how my children turned out and give the Glory to God for helping me to raise them. Without God in the family me and their father, my husband for 22 years would be lost.

I have shared my opinion today and now you can share yours as well. Visit here

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  1. I'm so glad you're where you need to be right now and are where God has called you to be. Children are so precious! They are worthy of our time and effort, aren't they?!


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