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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Who Will The Big WInner Be

Many will gather tonight , February 3rd, for a game that will bring the entire National Football League together. The Super Bowl is a sporting event with enormous popularity and determines the championship team of the NFL. Fans will gather at the field, around the T.V.'s and often at hosted parties. The game  will be broadcasted in more than 170 countries and is one of the most watched sporting events in the world. The elaborate halftime show often with celebrity appearances During the televised games commercials with great appeal are aired.

The Super Bowl with more than 50 years under it's belt has become a legendary symbol of American culture. The National Football league was organized in 1920. It was not for another 40 years before the first Super Bowl would take place.

A group of businessmen interested in owning a football franchise came together in 1960. They were denied the chance to own their own team by the NFL. The group decided to launch an alternative league. The new league would be known as the American Football League (AFL) Thus creating rivals between the NFL and AFL, not only competing for fans, players but also support.

Eventually by 1970 the owners of the teams came together. The meeting place would be the Super Bowl. In 1966 the first Super Bowl pitting the AFL and the NFL would take place. Originally known as the "AFL - NFL World Championship Game" was not exactly catchy. The leagues would eventually merge and the name of the showdown would change. Now days the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference champions play each other in the Super Bowl.

Now it is 2019 and the teams playing in the Super Bowl are the


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