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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Baked Chicken Supreme and Sweet Potato Oven Fries

4 whole chicken breasts, halved (I used 5 chicken drumsticks, skin on and bone in.)
1/4 cup shortening (I used Extra Virgin Olive Oil, because it’s much healthier.)
1 small garlic clove
1/3 cup chopped onion
1  1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp oregano
1/4 cup flour
1 cup tomato juice (I didn’t have this, worked fine without it.)
1 can (about 10  1/2 oz) tomato soup
1 cup sour cream (I used low fat plain yogurt.)
1/4 cup milk
2 Tbsp grated Parmesan cheese
Hot cooked rice (I used long grain brown rice–it’s better for you.)

Brown chicken breasts in shortening (or olive oil), using more if needed.  Remove from frying pan and place in 9×9-inch baking dish.  Pour off all but 2 Tbsp drippings.  Add garlic and onion to skillet; cover and cook until soft but not brown, about 5 minutes.  Blend in salt, sugar, oregano, and flour.  Add tomato juice and tomato soup; heat to boiling, stirring constantly.  Remove from heat and blend in sour cream.  Stir vigorously.  Add enough milk to thin sauce a little.   Add Parmesan cheese.  Pour over chicken in baking dish.  Cover and bake at 325 degrees for about 45 minutes, or until meat is fork tender.  Serve with cooked rice.  Makes 8 servings.

For the sweet potato oven fries you just need one sweet potato per person, peel and cut them into fry sized pieces, toss with some olive oil (I used a little too much olive oil, so go easy on it) and bake at 400 for 10-20 minutes, checking for doneness.  They are delicious!

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