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Monday, December 10, 2018

The Little Drummer Boy

Christmas is full of music of all types from religious to funny. When I was a kid me and my sister would spend hours listening to records in our room. Yes, I said records, way before they had cd's or any electronic music Christmas time was no different, or perhaps it was as we loved to listed to Christmas songs. One of our all time favorites was the "Little Drummer Boy " Perhaps you have heard of this song before??

One of the most popular holiday songs, "Little Drummer Boy" is loved by people around the world. But who wrote it?? What is the story behind it?? What does a Drummer boy have to do with Christmas??

Th name of the song about the drummer boy was first called "Carol of the Drums" The original name came from the repeating line in the song "pa rum pum pum pum" I am not sure that helps tell the story of the little drummer boy or not. We know most likely he was a drummer. However, what does his story have to do with Christmas.

The author of the song "Little Drummer Boy" is not completely known. It is believed that Katherine K. Davis wrote the song in 1941. It is also believed that the song lyrics are based on an old Czech carol.  Another thought is perhaps the author of the song was Henry Onorati and Harry Simeone. While it is not certain who the author was it is also not sure who composed the song as well.

Jack Halloran may have been the author of the choral arrangement in 1957 for Dot Records. However, it was Simeone was credited with composing the music in the song.  No matter the author of the music or words the story of why it is a Christmas song is clear if you listen to the words

First of all, we all ready know that the song is about a drummer with the lines that imitate a drum. Look a bit deeper and you will also see it is a story of the birth of Jesus Christ and the gifts presented to the newborn king. Jesus was born a gift to all the world. He was born to die for sins, yours and mind. Jesus was a gift given knowing that we can never repay. He is there for us no matter what and the best thing is he knows who we are inside and out. In the song a little shepherd boy came with the only gift he had. He had talent to play his drum so he did he played his best for him. Jesus smiled at him as he accepted the gift the little drummer boy had given from his heart.

What gift are you given to Jesus this year?? Do you rush to buy your gifts or are they bought from that heart for the special individual.

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