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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Bill of Rights Day

President Franklin D. Roosevelt on December 15, 1941 brought attention to the Bill of Rights of the United States of America. He wanted all to observe December 15th as Bill of Rights day. It would be a day to display the flag of the United States on all public buildings as well as great day to host meetings for prayers and ceremonies called together to observe the bill of rights.

The bill of rights of the United States Constitution is made up of the first 10 amendments. Congress passed the amendments that placed limits on government powers on September 25, 1789. Facts about the Bill of Rights:

  • The bill was introduced by James Madison.
  • There were originally 12 proposed amendments. The two that were left off had to do with number of representatives and how they would be compensated

A Bill of Rights shares the rights of an individual, organization or country that are fundamental in nature. They often set the standards for how one expects to be treated. An individual can create personal bill of rights by stating what they believe they deserve as well as acknowledge that they believe they deserve these rights as well. 

All of us have human-rights that are not earned or deemed but gathered just because we were born. Many do not believe that we all have these rights. Those with mental health issues, low self -esteem, poor individuals are often mistreated by others. There is none of us that must earn our rights. Some of the rights that every single individual deserves are

  • right to change and grow
  • right to take care of oneself, no matter what
  • right to forgive others as well as one self
  • right to give and receive love
  • right to personal space and time
  • right to set and follow ones own set of values and standards
  • right to be in non-abusive environment and relationship
  • right to make own decisions
  • right to make mistakes
  • right to have feelings and fun
  • right to expect honesty from others
  • right to determine and honor priorities in life
  • right to privacy
  • right to say no as well as change my mind
  • right to not be responsible for others actions
  • right to a future
There are times that we may not fully be aware of all the rights that humans are granted. Basic rights may go unnoticed or be unmet Many of us act as people pleasers and use the word "should" often. The good news is that we have the right to recognize , believe and acknowledge our rights.

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