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Sunday, December 9, 2018

College Students Return Home During Christmas

Those of us with children that go away for college have been looking forward to them coming home for winter break since the beginning of the semester. The hope and excitement has built up in many different ways. You hope for a good visit without expecting to much, asking to much or saying to much. Perhaps the visit is one that will go over smoothly without any issues or at least that is the hope of the season.

We sent our students away children and they are coming back home young adults. They are not used to asking when or how to do something as for the last bit of time this has been up to them to make such decisions. What, when, where and with who they do things with has all been up to them. Little at home has changed. The rules are still present and in order but the laundry and food bills have seen a slight increase. Because of the family environment the need for keeping the ordinary the same is important.

We do enjoy our student at home and want them to come visit again so the balance between enforcing rules and going overboard is delicate to say the least.
Some areas to put your attention when your student comes home are:

  • Allow them to get plenty of sleep. Late nights, noise, and being sleep deprived are all part of living in the dorm. 
  • Stock the house with lots of good food. The food that is ate at college is never as good as home made
  • Allow them some space of their own
  • Help them if they ask but their newly learned independence may just need to break out
  • It is better to listen more and talk less you may be surprised what you find out

When they get ready to go back to school it is the time for that present you have been hanging onto. The Ultimate Care Package. Here are some great ideas to help you out as well.

   Some ideas for care packages include:
Entertainment: include some great games , Mad Libs, and party food.

Bath and Beauty Essential gift box for college student may include everything from a girls needs of nail polish and hair ties to that of a boys shaving cream and razors.                                                                                                                                                     

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