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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Safety Alert ::: Lead Poisoning

Lead is a naturally occurring toxic metal found in Earth's crust. The widespread use of lead has resulted in extensive environmental contamination, human exposure and significant public health problems around the world. Sources of environmental contamination of lead include the mining, smelting, manufacturing and recycling lead. Some countries also continue to use leaded paint and gas In addition more than 3/4s of global lead consumption comes from the manufacturing of lead-acid batteries for motor vehicles. Other products that contain lead include: 

  • pigments
  • paints
  • solder
  • stained glass
  • ammunition
  • ceramic glazes
  • jewelry 
  • toys
  • cosmetics 
  • some medications. 

Childhood lead exposure is estimated to contribute 600,000 new cases of children developing intellectual disabilities each year globally. Toxic effects of lead affect the young children the most. Effects of suffer profound an permanent adverse health effects, as well as the development of brain and nervous system. Adults can carry with them an increased risk of high blood pressure and kidney damage pregnant women to high levels of lead can cause miscarriage, stillbirth, premature birth and low birth weight 

High levels of exposure can lead to attacks of the brain and central nervous system to cause coma, convulsions and death. Severe lead poisoning may leave children with mental retardation and behavioural disruption Lower levels of exposure causes no symptoms that are none of but that does not mean the child is safe.

Exposure to lead may affect a child's brain which may result in

  • lowered IQ
  • behavioral changes
  • short attention span
  • antisocial behaviour
  • reduced chance of gaining education
There are also physical issues that may take place when lead exposure occurs these physical issues include
  • anaemia
  • hypertension
  • renal impairment
  • immune-toxicity
  • toxicity to the reproductive organs
The days of widespread lead poisoning has decreased due to changes such as unleaded gas. Currently there are only  a few countries that still use leaded fuel.

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