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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Did you know ====== Reptiles

There are four existing orders of reptiles.

  • turtles
  • crocodiles and alligators

  • lizards and snakes
  • tuataras

Some facts about reptiles

  • reptiles lay shelled eggs

  • reptiles have lungs and  breathe air 
  • reptiles are covered in scales and have a bony external plate like a shell
  • nearly all reptiles are cold blooded
  • reptiles are believed to have evolved around 320 million years ago
  • a reptiles brain is relative to their body and is much smaller than that of mammals
  • reptiles use many different methods to protect their selves from danger. They can use camouflage, hissing, biting or avoidance 
  • lizards and snake species make up the largest number of different reptiles

  • There are no reptiles in antarctica because it is too cold
  •  only 2% of all snakes are poisonous. Australia is the location of the most poisonous snakes. 
  • Australia sees an average of at least 2 crocodile attacks a year. 

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