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Monday, October 22, 2018

Buying in Bulk

Three great reasons to buy food in bulk are:

  • Great way to save money in many cases. Just be careful to check prices as there are times that it will not save money. Often the price of buying in bulk is lower than regular price per unit
  • Buying in bulk can offer you a way to start a food storage system. In this case you will want to buy items with long shelf stable life. Buying in bulk will help you prepare natural disaster or other emergency
  • A bulk supply of food will mean you will not have to go grocery shopping as often.
Before getting started buying food in bulk take into thought a few things. First, do you have enough space in the freezer or pantry?? Will it be saving money in the long run, be careful and figure how much per lb etc... What about waste?? Do you have to fix large quantity at once that you will not use?? Is it something you will eat enough so that you wont be letting good food go bad?? 

Good foods to buy in bulk include : 

Apples=== I can recall my parents going to the apple orchard this time of year to buy apples in bulk. They were kept in a cool place, normally the closed in front porch and be used through out the winter. 

Cheese === can be a great buy when purchased in bulk. Cheese can be used in a variety of ways so buying in bulk is a great idea. It can be easily frozen as well. 

Pasta=== often with a long shelf life pasta makes a great item to buy in bulk. They will need kept in an area that is not extremely humid. Pasta will last for months and can be used in a number of recipes. Often there are great sales as well as coupons for pasta that makes it an even better buy.

Canned Goods ==== great purchase when bought in bulk from box stores as well as when sales are going on. The only issue is that can goods can take up room so be sure to buy what you will use. 

Dried Beans and Oats === great to be purchased in bulk and saved in food safe bucket. My father started me on this when he gave me a bucket of dried beans that we were able to use when we were low on other food items early in my marriage. It is a great way to save money and have items right at hand so you do not have to go to store and shop. 

Meat ==== look for those sales on meat. I love to find great sales on meat, the price is lower and since meat is often expensive it is a great way to save money. Local farmers in our area and maybe yours sell whole or sides of beef , pig as well as chicken at a great value. Meat will stay good in freezer for months. 

Do you buy in bulk?? What is your favorite item to purchase in bulk??

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