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Monday, February 5, 2018

Make It Better with Pie

Pie is something that many of us are very familiar with. If you do not know what a pie is, it is a baked dish normally made of pastry dough that encases or covers a filling of various sweet or savoury ingredients.

A filled pie is one that has a single crust normally on the bottom. This type of pie is made in a baking dish. The filling is placed on top of the pastry. The top of the pie is left open. Bavarian Cream Pie's are contained in this category.

A top crust pie is one where the filling is in the bottom of the dish and then the pie is covered with pastry or other covering before baking. One example of this pie is a savory potato pie. 

A two crust pie is filled completely with filling of choice. A pastry shell is on the bottom and top of the pie.

Shortcrust pie is a pastry used for pie crust. It is not the only type of crust that can be used other than traditional pastry. Baking powder biscuits, mashed potatoes and crumbs are just a few other topping suggestions.

Pies came about with the need to take along an easy to store food source that would last along the long journeys whether on land or sea. Before pies animals would be taken on the journeys but this was not space smart. Hunter foraging was another attempt at being able to eat nutritious food while on the journey but it did not work out as well either.

There were many inventions that made pies possible. These including the baking process being introduced as well as the creation of flour. Early pies were flat and round. However using a crust of ground oats, wheat, rye or barley mixed with honey led to an early type of pastry. Greeks are believed to have originated a pie pastry. Romans used a plain pastry of flour, oil and water to cover meats and birds that were baked. The pastry was not intended to be eaten.

Pies were used by travelers and workers in the cold northern European countries. Variations of meats, cereal crop were used. In medieval times cooks did not always have access to an oven so pies were cooked in an open fire. In England "Pyes" were baked in the 12th century. During the 14th century pie birds were used at the request of King Henry VI. The early American pies made from pilgram recipes were primarily berries and fruits. The Native Americans helped them find the ingredients. Pies allowed ingredients to be stretched America seems to have a love for pies. Fruit pies are often served with ice cream. North American style pie is often served a la mode. Apple choice is the traditional choice but any pie with sweet fillings may be served in this manner.

What is Your Favorite Pie

cherry pie normally means that you are an awesome person

sugar pie makes you the type of person that individuals love to be around

sweet potato pie offers the idea that you have a strong interior

strawberry rhubarb signifies you are a talented person

custard pie may suggest that you have leadership qualities

blue berry pie may mean that your personality is warm and welcoming

if your favorite is key lime pie then you may be very cool

chocolate pie often means you have wisdom beyond your years

those who love lemon pie may have a fun spirit

banana pie keeps you real

lovers of peach pie have a way of living their life to the fullest

those that love peanut butter pie and there are many in our family have lives that are large and in charge

What?? You say you don't love pie?? first of all I feel sorry for you with so many pie types you had lots of chances to like one so I have no more to say.

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  1. I haven't meant a pie I didn't like. Found you on Over the Moon Link Party

    1. thanks so much for leaving comment and I am with you pie is the best


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