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Friday, February 9, 2018

American Story of Chocolate

February 9th Hershey made news!!!!

The parents of Milton Hershey were Mennonites from Lancaster County Pennsylvania. Milton's father struggled with the skills of being a businessman all though he was very inquisitive and smart. Milton attended formal schooling but because the family moved so often he attended 7 schools in 8 years. The family worked in the confectionery business and before hitting off in the chocolate they had tried other candy making traits. 

Milton tried the chocolate field after being successful at producing caramels. Prior to his attempt at chocolate the Swiss had perfected milk chocolate. Hershey would protect his own formula for making milk chocolate to do so it would take much experimentation. (I can imagine that this was tasty experiments)

February 9th 1894 Hershey Chocolate Company was found. The founding of the company meant that many would be able to buy delicious chocolate. Hershey would sale the chocolate at newsstands, grocery stores,  and vending stands. 
In 1900 the famous Hershey chocolate bar was introduced. Following a few later in 1907 the Hershey kiss would be available. Following closely behind the chocolate bar with almonds. Years to come would see an entire town develop around Hershey, an amusement park and a school for underprivileged children. 
Hershey continues to be the largest producer of quality chocolate in North America. 
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