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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Weathermans Day

The groundhog gets one day a year to make his prediction but it is the weatherman is the person that truly must deliver. We all seem to listen to the weatherman as he gives his report and then tease him as the weather may not be as he stated. The early weathermen were few in number but now the weathermen are trained meteorologists on a team. They take pride in their reports as they compete with other weathermen.

There are many on the meteorology team and while we see the weather people there are others that are behind the scene. Measuring weather in the United States dates back to 1774 with individuals like John Jefferies. Jefferies would track his weather observations and record them. He was involved in a variety of ways to collect scientific data on weather. There are many that have been involved in the science of weather. Your local museum may have much to share There are many movies out there that are based on weather chasers as well.

I hope that the sun shines on you as you wish it would, the rain is plentiful but not to much, and the snow if you desire it will delight you as well

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