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Monday, February 5, 2018

Happy Birthday To A Great Baseball Player ==== Hank Aaron

February 5, 1934 a hero in the game of baseball was born. Nicknamed the "hammer" or "hammerin' Hank" Henry Louis Aaron was born. Aaron was a player for the American Major League Baseball. Hank played right fielder and in later life worked as the senior vice president of the Atlanta Braves. It was the Atlanta Braves team that Hank Aaron had spent 21 seasons playing ball for the national league. The years between 1954 through 1976 were some great years of ball. Hank held the MLB record for career home runs for 33 years and continues to hold several MLB offensive records. Between the years of 1955 to 1973 Aaron hit at least 24 homeruns and often played more. 

Early life for Hank Aaron saw him raised in and around Mobile, Alabama. Aaron grew up in a rather large family with seven siblings. One of his brothers Tommie Aaron played in the MLB as well during his lifetime. Aaron started his game playing in the Negro American League in minor league ball. Aaron was among the last negro league baseball players.

While right field was where Hank Aaron felt at home in the game he also played other positions in both the infield and outfield. His last two seasons saw him play primarily as designated hitter. All together Hank Aaron played 20 seasons Aaron won the golden glove 3 years, held the Most Valuable Player position In May 1958 and June 1967 he earned the Player of the Month. Aaron batted in (RBI) a total of 2,297 runs and holds the record for most career runs batted in. He is listed in the top 5 for career hits and runs. 

After retirement Hank Aarons stay involved with the game. He found work in the front office with Atlanta Braves. In 1982 he was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1982. In 1999 the MLB introduced the Hank Aaron Award to recognize top players. In 2002 Aaron received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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