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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thinking About Family

When we are young we seem to be more confident explaining to others what we want to do when we get older. Then when we get older our stories may have changed from the beginning and new thoughts may have entered. Has your goals changed?? Are you depressed, frustrated or have anxiety of the days ahead??

Believe it or not we may have seen this place before only we have switched places. The mother, grandmother or other adult that we cared for is who we have become and now it is out turn to prepare the path for those that we love. We still have youth found with inside of us and yes even the curiosity to explore our surroundings.

As we recall the older generations that went before us we may recall the majestic style they held. They hosted their homes for all needed somewhere to stay, shared a dinner with all who may need to eat, and a message that all would listen. Their personality shined larger than the brightest star as they were known for love and giving. All knew where they belonged and they knew it as well. They prepared the route for those all that would follow. 

Lessons from an old tree

"Encased in marble, the letters were old.
The spelling was odd, but not to far off to be told.
The "U's" were exchanged for the letter "v" -
the reason for this is far past what I can see.

Discomfort, confusion, frustration and fear
are fellows that hang around letters hard to hear.
Their message is odd and hard to grasp;
like something that made sense in years that have passed.

Moving down a path where the shade is just right,
the breeze is blowing and still-green leaves dance in sunlight.
A fountain flows freely in the midst of this place,
with Lilly pads floating in a pool of water with incredible grace.

At the end of the path there was an enormous old tree,
with branches reaching high even with all the age we could see.
It stood proudly there in this place it had grown,
half-facing the water and half-facing the stone.

This tree has wholeness in the place that it stands,
even though it's surroundings are half-water/half-land.
Fullness, beauty and purpose can be found;
in the spaces of paradox and unpredictable ground."

T.L. Eastman September 11"

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