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Friday, August 26, 2016

Back To Bed

We have completed the first week of school.You may have started as well or you may be starting soon either way you may be trying to implement a regular bedtime. It may be a bit of a challenge since summer time bedtimes and freedoms may be a bit different. Get started and stick to your guns the routine will be in place before  you know it. 

In the hours following school there will be many things that must be done but remember that they have been locked up inside school and allow them to have some free time as well. After all there are things that will have to be done at home as well.  

  • homework is done and in Backpack
  • any papers that need signed and returned are done and back in folder in backpack
  • fill the water bottle and place in fridge (remember to place in backpack in morning)
  • does lunch or snack for school need planned and/or packed
  • clothes are laid out and all vitamins and medications are taken
  • now its time for bedtime routine

We have a bedtime ritual that includes bath time, story time and then hug before bedtime Your routine may be a bit different. Whatever you decide upon stay determined even when things at first seem hard keep at it and it will become easier. As the parent it is your job to keep the child(ren) in routine.

Reading a story allows our children to calm down and provides a moment of quiet time. Before we have story time we stretch out and become comfortable and then listen. At times they actually have fallen asleep before the end of the story.

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