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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Are Your Ready For Back To School

Back to School season is here again. I truly think it comes to fast every year. This year all 3 of my grand-babies will be going to school. Two will go all day and the youngest will attend only a few hours a day. As this time comes I feel happy and excitement as they do but a bit sad as well as I know that they are growing up. They are starting to make their own decisions and one of those include who they will be friends with.

The back to school period of time at school is always super exciting. Finding your old friends and making new is great. A new teacher, a new classroom and so much going on. The year starts out with lots of excitement. It is the job of the parent or grandparent to keep the excitement of going back to school going. The "boredom" of summer will soon be over as homework enters the home front. Celebrate with the kids and keep their excitement up. Pray over your children that they will have a good school year and that all will be well.

One thing that helps us is to talk to the teacher ahead of time to see what lessons they will be learning. Getting a foot ahead helps us know what to study. Celebrate as your student makes progress. Encourage them to thing about and learn all they can. Pray for your kids to lean on Him to help them learn through out the school year.

My grand-children have been blessed with the gift of gab. They are a lot like mom and grandma, they never meet a stranger and make friends with all. One of the things that my little Princess wanted was to see her friends. She got very excited when she found out that she would be sitting near one of her best friends and a new friend that she met this summer as well. She has had her heart broke when she would argue with friends but with a push from those that love her we helped her mend the problem and travel on. Friends are something that are needed to get through life and I have many friends from my early years of school. God is in the business of healing and will heal both hearts and friendships that get bent out of shape.

Our children will be facing struggles along their path of education. Sometimes learning the lessons are hard. Pray that they will have stamina to fight through, that the lessons while they may be hard will be learned and that our students will not give up. School and teachers offer opportunities for learning perseverance while learning new concepts, challenges during a project, trying out for a sports team or memorizing lines for a play or music. There will be times that will not be as joyous as others but pray that they never give up. One of my favorite lines from a country song that I share with my grands is "I hope you dance" that while things do not look up for you that you continue on fighting the good fight. Celebrate the struggles with your child that while they may or may not be successful that they continued the fight.

I pray that your year as well as ours will be a great one. My lil princess has started back to school, next week the younger 2 will start. Here is her first day picture and an extra one with nana.

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  1. We will start school in a few weeks. I look forward to starting a new homeschool year every year. Hope things go well for your grandkids this year at school!

  2. Oh I love that Scripture in Ps37! My girlie is all grown up and out of the house and believe it or not, sometimes I actually miss the craziness of Back to School! (But only sometimes!) ;)


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