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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Kingfisher

Kingfisher bird found in Pope County Illinois. Have you ever heard of a king fisher?? Kingfishers are brightly colored birds that are small to medium size. Most are found outside of America. The birds have large heads, long, sharp, pointed bills, short legs and stubby tails. Most are found in the tropics and only a few found in forests. (Thus finding it in the Shawnee National Forest)

They dine on fish. The Shawnee forest in pope county Illinois runs along side the Ohio river. They catch their dinner by swooping down catching their prey. Small invertebrates are also on the Kingfisher dinner menu. They often nest in tunnels dug in natural or artificial banks in the ground. Others may find a home in disused termite nests.

Kingfishers are normally shy birds. The oriental dwarf kingfisher bird is considered to be a bad omen. Warriors who may see one should return home. Yet others consider these birds good omens.

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