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Friday, May 6, 2011

Bacon Hot Sauce Review

Bacon is everywhere and many members of our family love hot sauce as well. So when I saw Bacon Hot Sauce I knew that it would be a product that we would have to try. Well, who doesnt love bacon and there are times that we all just need to kick life up just a bit. Check out this great recipe shared on the Bacon Hot Sauce website

Abe Shamrock's BHS Burgers

– Raw Burger Meat

– One raw egg

– Handful of breadcrumbs

– Several healthy glugs of Bacon Hot Sauce

– Kosher Sea Salt

– Fresh Ground Black Pepper

– Handful of freshly chopped onions

– Handful of freshly chopped parsley

Mix together well and separate into patties!

We prepared these burgers and let me tell you they were great. The extra breadcrumbs and egg helped us to stretch the use of the hamburger and the Bacon Hot Sauce sure did provide an extra kick. Now you may want to use just a bit or more if you like it a bit hotter.

One thing that I loved about Bacon Hot Sauce is that they don't hide what they place in the bottle of power. In fact their list of ingredients is found on their website at This says a lot to me we never know who we will be entertaining and if we have guest with allergies I always want to know what is in the food that we share with them.

Want to get some of this amazing sauce for yourself? Then visit the Bacon Hot Sauce website

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