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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Random Thought Tuesday


Oh this weekend was a good one while it was also a bad one. This weekend the kids went to six flags in St. Louis and had a fun but not such a great time. So I bet you are wondering how a trip can be both in one. The rides, being together and just enjoying the trip was the fun part but the bus breaking down, a wallet getting swiped and the heat made it for a bit of a downer as well. My son was the one who had the wallet stolen of course everything in it including $80 cash, his license, his meal ticket for college, his bus pass, and many other things including his testimony. While he was mad and very disappointed at first his mood turned to one that wanted whoever swiped his wallet to also take the time to read his testimony. The thought of someone reading his testimony and possibly finding out about Jesus brightened the situation a little. The good thing is it was sort of easy to replace the bus pass and meal ticket, the drivers license will be replaced soon.

The back to school event at school was super great and we were able to serve nearly 1,000 people, gave over 600 bags of school supplies away, I am not sure how many hundreds of haircuts and shoes as well as clothes, socks and underwear. Amen!!! We were able to serve so many in the community. More than 150+ church workers came together to put on such a grand event.

One thing that happened this weekend that was not so great was that two of my best friends who have been having a small feud for a while tried to bring me in the middle by asking me my opinion. I do not want to be in the middle. I love both of these friends they are great friends of mine. I would love to see them patch up their differences and come back together. Oh when we act so high school as grown women it is very sad. i am glad that none of my friends read this blog as I can share my true feelings with my Friends online.

Those were my random thoughts what are yours?

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  1. Re.: purse - That is really sad.
    Re.: friends - differences is good for a positive answer but walking away on two different paths because two people differ is not good.


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