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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We're Hungry What Can We Eat Mom?

The summer is coming to an end and either the kids are back in school or soon will be. All summer long I have heard my children ask for snacks or what are we eating for breakfast, lunch, supper. Without a plan I am sure I would have been lost. Now that school is back in session it is no different with them being hungry only the questions come at a different time. As they enter the door they are asking for a snack and what is for supper. To be ready with an answer the best thing to do is have a meal plan. That way when attacked with the hungry issues you are all ready ahead of the game. To start a meal plan I would suggest you begin in a quiet atmosphere the less distractions the less problem with figuring it all out. Second start with what you all ready have in the cupboard, the fridge and freezer. Knowing what you have will help you decide what to serve your family. The less you have to buy the better. After forming meals around what you all ready have the next step is to figure out how many more meals are needed. Start with one meal such as supper and move to another until you have a week worth of meals covered. If your children will be eating lunch at school account for that if your child is taking their lunch to school remember to add the lunch supplies to the list of needs. When you have all your meals on paper with shopping list of needs created then place it on the fridge. Going to the grocery store once a week will cut down on time and expenses. Posting a menu for your family can see will also allow them to know what your plan is and the questions of "What's there to eat" may cut down greatly.

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