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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fashion To Figure

I like to look as pretty as every model I see, the only problem is that my body image does not match that of all the models. You see I inherited the hips of every woman on my mothers side of the family and the thighs of the women on my fathers side of the family. What's a girl to do when the genes are against you? You learn to find the best that you can that looks great on you. The problem is there just is not a lot out there. That is why I am so glad to introduce a wonderful shop bringing fashion to the full figured gals like me. Fashion Figure caters to women who wear sizes 12 to 26. The clothes they have to offer are amazing and the prices are not bad either.

Fashion To Figure has the styles that everyone is looking for. If you are a shopper then you have to check out Fashion To Figure. Your first visit will be different from your second the reason is that new fashions arrive daily. The Fashion To Figure shopping center has been designed with the shopper in mind. It is a time to relax and shop and have the kids and hubby wait on you for a change. The names of the individuals behind the Fashion To Figure brand may be familiar. Nicholas and Michael Kaplan are the great grandsons of Lena H. Bryant, the lady behind those notable fashions meant for the full figured individuals mo. The Kaplan brothers continue on the tradition being the fourth generation and using years of family knowledge and devotion to create fashions for the full figure.

Chiffon Palm Print Maxi Dress

So for all your full fashion needs including dresses, tops, bottoms, denim, jackets and accessories check out Fashion To Figure located at

We received a beautiful lace shrug to review for this post. Thank you to Fashion to Figure for allowing the opportunity to review. The opinions and words are those of my own.


  1. Nice!! I go up and down in weight and I always wear my 'sloppy' clothes when I'm heavier, I guess as a punnishment which is really, kind of stupid. But these look very cute; thank you for this post!

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