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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Diamond Brilliance Disposable Cutlery review

I am often a hard person to please when it comes to entertaining. You see I want everything to look nice like mom and grandma used to have it but I also want it easy with not a lot of fuss. I know I can't have it both ways but with Diamonds new brilliance disposable cutlery I can have it a bit easier. I love the way brilliant way that the cutlery resembles real silverware. In fact at a recent graduation ceremony we used the Diamond brilliance disposable cutlery and many could not tell the difference upon first glance between real silver cutlery and the disposable cutlery. With a manner of its own the new Diamond brilliance disposable cutlery will please and surprise your guest as well. The cutlery is not flimsy either I used my utensils to cut my meat, eat my entree with veggies and finished my dinner off with a slice of cake. The cutlery stood up brilliantly in fact I saw a few older ladies wipe it off and slip it into their purse. My grandmother used to do this and keep and use at home. The great thing is that the Diamond brilliance disposable cutlery is perfect and inexpensive if you want to dispose of them but also are dishwasher safe if you choose to reuse them. I have to say that the new brilliance disposable cutlery does look rather nice and will be selected the next time I plan a get together.

Buy: you can locate Diamond Brilliance disposable cutlery at a store near you.

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