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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Nito Book Review

I have a granddaughter that just loves animals. Dogs are her favorites but she also likes cats, squirrels, rabbits and the list goes on. When I was given the opportunity to review two great children's books about service animals I jumped at the chance. I want my little Princess to know all about the animals in the world and what services they can provide.

Service Dogs are virtually hero's performing daily acts of heroism. Service Dogs help the blind, sniff out bombs, help wounded soldiers and can even help doctors detect cancer, alert diabetics to rising or falling blood sugar levels. Assistance dogs in Sante Fe N.M. are given an opportunity to take part in another great service which is teaching local youth awareness of the challenges those with disabilities face. Assistance Dogs of the West or ADW has more than 30 dogs in training at any given time. This non profit group sees 12 to 15 service dogs graduate each year and team up with a human partner. The dogs are not trained by professionals rather by school age children as well as those in juvenile detention centers and developmentally and physically disabled students.This connection not only helps train the animals but also offers a chance for the trainers to gain leadership skills, build responsibility and gain an awareness of people with different abilities as well as making a contribution to their community.

Judity Newton, an ADW advisory Council member wrote three books featuring Nito, a runt puppy chosen for the nobel job of service dog. Through these great books you can teach your children about individuals with disabilities. These great books are built in stages so that the child can learn as they get older. The first book of the series Nito's Tale is for children ages 2 to 6 and shares how assistance dogs are trained and what they do. Book 2 Nito Meets Chloe introduces Nito as he meets a little girl named Chloe who is in a wheelchair. Nito will become part of Chloes family as they bond. Book 3 Nito and Chloe Get An Invitation takes Cloe and Nito to the White House where Nito and Chloe meet the entire family living in there including Bo the dog. Nito receives the Service Dog of the Year.

According to national statistics, 19 percent of the U.S. population is defined as disabled – this includes the aging, ill, vision and hearing impaired, physically disabled and mentally disabled. For many of them, service dogs offer both companionship and support in daily activities. Learn more at

we recieved a set of the books about Nito for review purposes.

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