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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Foods That Should Not be Frozen

Foods Not To Freeze

Eggs in their shell, which pose a health threat if frozen. Freezing
temperatures cause the eggs water content to expand, which can crack the
shell and let bacteria in.

Fresh, water-rich vegetables, such as celery, lettuce, and cucumbers.
These freeze easily, but when the ice crystals melt during thawing, you
are left with soggy, limp greens.

Soft cheeses with a high water content, such as cottage cheese, ricotta,
and cream cheese. They lose their fluffy texture when the water in them
returns to room temperature.

Food emulsions, such as mayonnaise and cream, which, when frozen,
develop large ice crystals that puncture the cell walls. When they thaw,
the foods separate and curdle.

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  1. Thank you! Sometimes, I think it's easier to learn what NOT to do, LOL!


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