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Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Homemaker Monday


Happy Home Maker Monday hosted by Diary of a Stay At Home Mom

The weather in my neck of the woods: a bit cooler a lot wetter than it has been for about a week but still not too cold and only damp not flooding so I guess all is o.k.

THings That Make Me Happy: a great commercial on T.V. , my kids when they are happy, my hubby and how sweet he is and my grandbaby because she is such a lovely little lady

Book I am Reading: I am sharpening my sword by reading Gods word

What I am Enjoying on T.V. : the news at this time but did you happen to catch the view? It was a great show for sure

On the Menu for Tonight: fish, mac & cheese and peas, left over cake that a dear friend brought over

On my To Do List: lots, laundry, straighten main part of house (it is Monday), straighten bedrooms all though they do look much better

New Recipe I tried or Want to Try: I want to make these for Easter and the little ones I love

In the Craft Basket: starting to make plans for both Sunday School kids and my little ones (more on this later)

Looking Forward to this week: getting away with kids to a much needed christian retreat Dare to Share

Tip and Trick this week: do you hate it when those plastic cups stick together? One easy way to remedy this is to fill the inside one with cold water and set them in a sink of hot water. this should seperate them easily

My favorite Blog Post this week: there have been many that I have enjoyed of others my favorite that I posted is located here

Blog Hopping : if you have not visited this blog it is worth a look at it is called Monkey Mommy08

Favorite Picture: here is a post with a couple of my favorite pics of my week

Lesson Learned this week: mom cant fix it all

On My Mind: my kids and the decisions they are all making

Devotionals: 31 days of praise

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