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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In other Words:

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“Don’t waste your life trying to fit into a “gift box” that feels too big or too small.
Your God-given gift perfectly fits your personality
and is your purpose and position to win victory.”

~ My Prince Will Come by Sheri Rose Shepherd ~

I can remember when I started to attend church again. As a child I loved church as my family was involved with the church, read the bible together and our lives reflected that. As a teenager it seemed as if I needed to find my own way. Where it took me was out of religion, church and away from my family. While I always kept these early lessons alive within me I knew that there was something missing. The relationship with my family was bruised but never broken and many times we did attempt to go to church together. Eventually we found the right place where we belonged and the lessons we learned along the way are being found very useful. I can understand where people stand how they feel and best of all I can actually say I have stood in many of the places they stand now. Yes, I believe God had a plan for me all the time and the song that I sang for months after finding such joy was one that I created myself "God has a Plan for Me."


  1. God packages those gifts in odd ways but they are wonderful. They seem to come out of no where and show up at the right time custom made just for us.

  2. what a beautiful encouraging post!

  3. I'm thankful you found your way back home.

  4. What a great joy it is to know that God has a plan and to let him work it out in us. Praise God you found your way home.

  5. It is so wonderful just knowing that God has a plan and a purpose for each one of our lives. And it's different for each of us.


  6. Your words are a testimony to the power of God's seeds of Truth that were planted in you when you were young. Praise God. Thank you for sharing your story today.


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