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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday

hosted by Women Taking a Stand

Today I am thankful for my teens, my church, my family and pretty much all that is surrounding me. The spring weather of yesterday has been replaced by the rain of today but the thought of that rain bringing beautiful flowers brings happy thoughts to mind. My teens and I will again be traveling to a teen Christian concert that we are looking so forward to. Since my teens are all getting older there is no real telling how many more conferences such as this we will travel together as a family. I delight in the thought that my children love to worship our Lord as much as I do and that they will continue on with the joy of worshiping at their home, at their church, or where ever they are. That is what I am thankful today the though of a future here on Earth and a promise of one in Heaven.


  1. YOu always so inspire me with these thoughts. I so enjoy this. What a wonderful lady you are and I'm glad that you are one of my friends :)

  2. Those trips to Christian concerts bring back memories of when my husband and I took our girls. What a blessing for your family to spend such precious time together.


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